1 ION = $0.65

Ionomy Studios

It’s where we all aspire to be. Guide your rocket from the Earth to the Moon while avoiding planes, missiles, asteroids... and the occasional whale. Simple tilt controls offer classic “easy to learn, difficult to master” gameplay. Earn upgrades to your ship to make your trip quicker, burn less fuel, or both. To the Moon features the “Plant the Flag” challenge with our biggest reward yet. The first player to reach the moon will receive a truly “out of this world” prize.

Status = Released

A new take on an iconic gaming style (think Super Mario in space), Crypto Gravity is a classic “action platform” game. Gravity melds simple touch controls with old-school difficulty. Compete against other ionomy players in weekly tournaments to win rewards with ION and ION points. Jump and shoot your way through the galaxy to restore the power of the blockchain to the people.

Status = v2 Development

Hop into the driver’s seat of your custom offroad truck for a live racing experience on the toughest dirt tracks around the world. Build your skills in career mode, then login when you’re ready to win. Challenge a friend or get matched in multiplayer: weekly tournament winners take home cash prizes in ION digital currency.

Status = Development

A word game for adults. Think Cards against Humanity, but even edgier and more obscure. The gamer sees definitions from UrbanDictionary and has to find the slang hidden in a familiar word search. As the words get progressively obscure, users can unlock hints with in app purchases or by spending credits purchased at ionomy.com.

Status = In Development

A simple touch game rewarding speed and accuracy. This straightforward but addictive game challenges the gamer to connect the ions floating on their screen by matching their colors. Players race against the clock to connect matching ions. Users can play just for fun in arcade mode or compete for a chance to earn valuable rewards in ranked mode.

Status = In Development